What You Can Sell

Meat, Fish, Shellfish, Vegetables, Fruit, Cheese, Meal Kits, Prepared Food, Breads, Pastries, Cakes, Desserts, Chocolate, Sweets, Snacks, Drinks, Beer/Cider/Wine (see below), Food Selection Boxes, Panic Buyer Boxes (Pasta, Eggs, Milk, Toilet Paper...). Basically, almost anything that you can buy in a supermarket, farmers market or corner shop. If you're not sure, you can email us or hit the chat button in the bottom right corner of any Foodens page.

What You Can't Sell

Products containing CBD, legal highs or illegal substances. Alcohol, if you do not hold an appropriate Premises License to sell alcohol (you must deliver directly from the licensed premises and verify the age of the person accepting the delivery). Products that do not meet hygiene standards set out by the Food Standards Agency and Health & Safety regulations. Items dropshipped/resold from other companies. Products dispatched from outside of the UK (such as sending toilet paper from China, directly to the end buyer).

Getting Started

  1. To start selling on Foodens, visiting the following URL and create a user account:https://www.foodens.com/en-GB/signup 

  2. After filling out and submitting your details, we'll send you an email with a link to click on. If you don't receive the email, please check your Spam/Junk folder in case it landed in there by accident. 

  3. Clicking the email link will activate your Foodens account and take you to a page to start adding products. If not, visit this URL: https://www.foodens.com/en-GB/listings/new 

  4. You'll be asked to select the most appropriate category for your product. Choose whichever best fits what you're selling. If it's a box of many different products, select "Selection Boxes & Hampers". 

  5. The "Listing title" is your product name - make it descriptive, but not too long (you have a "Detailed description" box below, where you can write as much as you'd like. 

  6. "Price" is how much you're willing to sell the product for. The minimum product price is £5 and we take a 10% (min. £1) commission on completed orders. 

  7. For "Delivery method", tick the boxes to say whether customers can get "Delivery", "Pickup" (Collection) or both. When offering Delivery, you can add an additional delivery charge if you wish. Especially during COVID-19, delivery will be a huge boost for your sales. If the products don't require refrigeration, Hermes could deliver products on your behalf for less than £5. Alternatively, there will be plenty of "Man & Van" businesses in your local area in-need of work right now - some may even have refrigerated vehicles (or use cool boxes for same-day delivery). 

  8. "Detailed description" is where you can go to town and write everything you like about the product. Tell people what the box/product contains, quantities, ingredients, allergy advice, where it was made/grown, why people should buy it, who you are, why you or the product is special etc. 

  9. "Availability" helps buyers to filter sellers that meet their needs. If you only offer "Pickup" as a Delivery Method, just select "Collection Only" under Availability. If you also offer "Delivery", you can select "Local Delivery" (and "Nationwide Delivery" if using a courier company). Only select "Nationwide Delivery" if you can deliver to anyone in the Mainland UK for the same delivery cost that you specified above. 

  10. "Dietary needs" allows buyers to filter products that meet their dietary requirements. Only select the dietary types that apply to the product that you're listing. 

  11. "Maximum Delivery Distance" is a freeform text box, to give delivery conditions. You could write "Anywhere within Greater Manchester", "Stevenage and Hitchin" or "Within 20 miles of Leeds". When using a courier service, you could write "Anywhere in the Mainland UK". When you can't offer delivery, write "Collection Only". 

  12. "Location" is your own physical location, where orders can be picked up from, or where they're dispatched from. Write your full address and Google will auto-complete it and show it on the map below. 

  13. For "Image", upload as many good quality photos of the product as you can. Please do not include photos of other products, your logo, shop, your grandma etc. The buyer should expect to receive everything that's in the photo(s). 

  14. Finally, click "Submit for review" and we'll approve your listing as soon as we can. You can submit as many unique products as you'd like to Foodens, so keep adding more by clicking "List a Product". You do not need to wait for a product to be approved, before adding another one.

Have a question or need help? Please email us at hello@foodens.com or click the chat button in the bottom right corner of any Foodens page.

Thank you so much and please remember to Follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook page!

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